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Panel Fabrication
We can design, build, pre-test, and deliver any panel from small J-boxes to multi-door enclosures.   We can build industrial enclosures from our designs or from yours.   All enclosures are checked out electrically and tested programmatically as much as possible in order to ensure that it is delivered to you ready for installation.

PLC and PC Programming
Our PLC experience is extensive.   Along with all Allen Bradley products, we have experience in Siemens S7, Automation Direct, and many others.   We also design and program many different types of operator interaces.   We have experience in Panelview (1400 to Plus), Labview, Automation Direct, and may others.

Electrical Installation, Electrical Check Out, and Automation Start Up
After building, we can deliver and install most enclosures.   We provide both installation and engineering services to ensure that the control system that you purchased will be installed in compliance with local and national codes and in a timely fashion.

Documentation and Training
No system is complete without documentation and training.   As a rule, our systems are designed to be as intuitive to use as possible.   Also, if things do need attention, alarm messages are provide that can direct the operator in how to correct any problem.  Written and electronic operator manuals, parts manuals, documented programs, and electrical CAD drawings are always provided at the end of the project.  Finally, if your operators need training at your job site, we can provide that also.


Panel FabricationPanel Fabrication

PLC and Operator Interface ProgrammingPLC and Operator Interface Programming

Electrical Checkout and TrainingElectrical Checkout and Training

Contact Us and we can discuss what panel building, programming, and automation start up services we can do for you.

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