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Automation Image Gallery

This is a two lane Pizza Crust Stacker for Nestle' (you are just looking at lane 1 for this video). This system can handle up to 80 crusts per minute per lane. For the purposes of this testing, we are using plywood crusts (extra crispy!).

This system uses an Allen Bradley drive on the vertical axis and a Linmot drive for the horizontal pusher axis. Both the infeed and discharge conveyor are run by Allen Bradley 525 variable frequency drives. All drives talk to the PLC over Ethernet I/P. This is controlled by an Allen Bradley L43 PLC and a Panelview Plus 1000 operator interface.

 200 BPM Basket Erector - This machine manipulates 4 and 6 pack baskets for a small craft brewer.  It unpacks, opens, and re-packs the opened baskets into a corrugated box.  It runs at a rate of 200 bottles per minute.  This unit runs with an Allen Bradley L18 Compactlogix PLC and an Automation Direct C-More operator interface.

This project is a palletizer for Four Peaks Brewery (Phoenix, AZ). This machine stacks cases of beer on to a pallet.

In the spirit of full disclosure:
- We did not design the machine
- We did not design the electrical
- We did not wire it
- We did not do the original programming

The original manufacturer (from Europe) built it, installed it, unsuccessfully tried to start it up, and then walked away from it. This left Four Peaks in a bind. Here they paid all this money for the machine and it was sitting on their floor not working for 6 months!

We came in and got it working for the customer along with Pro Engineering in Milwaukee. There were no correct electrical and mechanical drawings, but we were able to get this running in about a week.